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Female Health & Fertility is a digital magazine, website, and media platform created to support women and non-binary people affected by gynecological and reproductive issues. They are focused on objectively publishing female health developments, treatments, and news stories. They also feature real life stories to foster a community of support and inspire hope.


They are currently not many publications in the media that addresses reproductive and fertility issues in depth from an inclusive standpoint. The ones that do come at it from a scientific angle.


1. Be the go-to media organization for women and non-binary people of all ages worldwide who are seeking support with gynecological conditions or infertility.
2. Be the global media partner for companies, brands, and professionals working in the field of female reproductive health.
3. Craft a brand that is inclusive, accessible, informative, friendly, and comforting.


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I served as the Head of UX/UI on the project. Collaboration between the client and I brought the products to life.

color palette


Emily Ansell Elfer, the client, envisioned the brand to skew more feminine in appearance, but still include non-binary people with female assigned organs. Scripts and handwritten fonts were out of the equation. We felt serif fonts were more appropriate. The color palette includes skin tones with the addition of purple to allude to the female body and the non-binary flag. To avoid being too scientific, a more symbolic image was used for the logo.


Hover over the image and scroll to see what we have so far.


This project is still in progress. While we wait for the remaining materials, please check out the Founder's LinkedIn profile. Come back soon for more work and analytics!

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