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The Konsyl® brand offers the highest quality fiber ingredients for everyday digestive health. They offer a variety of fiber supplements, natural powders, on-the-go stick packs, flavored powders, organic options, and delicious health-targeted gummies!


Konsyl has been around for 85+ years. They are most known for their psyllium fiber, which attracts an older audience. Their products are housed in the digestive aisle, a very boring category.

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1. Add a new product line that is not psyllium fiber
2. Appeal to a younger demographic
3. Modernize the Konsyl brand


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I served as the Senior Product Designer on the project. Collaboration between the Brand Manager, Director of Sales, E-Commerce Coordinator, Social Media Specialist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Interns and I brought the products to life.

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First, we combed through the current design of the product catalog. We were attracted to the paint strip concept used on the Konsyl Organic Psyllium Fiber bag. Instead of coming up with a brand new design, we decided to modify an existing one.


The finished project is a new, beautiful product line bringing freshness to the digestive aisle. Check it out.

Konsyl Pharmaceuticals Gummy Sample Box
Konsyl Gummies Daily Fiber
Konsyl Gummies Turmeric Ginger
Konsyl Gummies D3
Konsyl Gummies Super Diet
Konsyl Gummies Vegan Collagen
Konsyl Gummies ACV
Konsyl Gummies Elderberry
Konsyl Gummies B Complex
Konsyl Gummies Hair Skin Nails
Konsyl Gummies Deep ZZZs Melatonin
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All 12 gummies were released within the same quarter. No surprise, the digestive line of gummies sold the most. Some of the product line remained online only while others were available in retailers such as Walmart, Target, and CVS.

More projects. More talking.