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Market Street Inn is a bar and restaurant located in downtown Salisbury, MD. Their business is most known for their innovative upside down burger, signature cocktails, and live entertainment.


Customers have complained about the user experience and functionality of Market Street Inn's website. They are also upset about not being able to book a reservation online seamlessly.

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1. Convey that there are 2 sides of the restaurant and bar, fostering different crowds.
2. Improve the user experience of the website.
3. Make it easy for customers to book reservations online.


Restaurant Side

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Bar Side


I served as the UX/UI Designer on the project. Collaboration between the Creative Director, Cinematographer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Interns and I brought the website to life.

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My team's first thought was to do research on opposite things that work well together, just like the bar & restaurant. After a long brainstorming session, we finally settled on a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde vibe. In this case, the waiters and bartenders work in conjunction to provide an insane experience for their customers.


My team had weekly meetings with the owners of Market Street Inn to track progress and suggest edits. We tested different styles of media throughout the site (motion, video, imagery, etc.) to gauge people's reactions. Brand colors and fonts were bold and we used a humorous tone of voice to convey. the liveliness of the establishment. There were several revision rounds.


The finished project is a user friendly, attractive webpage that drives significantly more traffic. Check it out.

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owners of market street inn


The website was completed in a 3-month timespan. Engagement went up by 61% due to the rebrand. Every day, the owners of Market Street Inn were bombarded with compliments about the new, innovative experience.

More projects. More talking.