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two female patients having telehealth visit
male doctor and adult male patient talking
female doctor and adult male patient


SITZMARKS is a safe, non-invasive diagnostic tool for patients who are suffering from persistent constipation. It is the child brand of Konsyl Pharmaceuticals.


Konsyl Pharmaceuticals is looking to refresh all of their brands. The existing branding just doesn't fit the direction they would like to go.


1. Market towards a younger demographic
2. Establish a brand tone of smart and serious
3. Make the information easily digestible
4. Advertise telehealth


female doctor and adult male patient


I served as the Senior Product Designer on the project. Collaboration between the Brand Manager, Director of Sales, E-Commerce Coordinator, Social Media Specialist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Interns and I brought the website to life.

female doctor and adult female patient


In order to cater to a younger audience, we decided to go with a more minimalist, clean, modern feel. The color palette reflects typical medical colors with a pop of yellow. We also wanted a design element that could be used everywhere in the branding, so we settled on a diamond.


My team had meetings a few times a week with upper management to track progress and suggest edits. We tested different layouts for the collateral and website. There were several revision rounds.

sitzmarks wireframe


The finished project is a user friendly, attractive webpage that drives significantly more traffic.In addition, the website is accompanied by packaging and marketing collateral. Check it out.

Sitzmarks Website
Sitzmarks Marketing Collateral Gif
Sitzmarks for Kids Magazine Print Advertisement
Sitzmarks and Sitzmarks for Kids Package Design
sitzmarks business cards
Sitzmarks for Kids Email Templates Gif


The website was completed in a 2-month timespan. Medical professional found it to be easy to navigate.

More projects. More talking.