Bria Fauntleroy

UX Designer and Copywriter

I build communities, improve processes, and tell stories for a global audience. Ask me about branding, accessibility, and organization!

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Baddies in Tech design system snapshots


How a nostalgic design system propelled a nonprofit into a luxurious future

Brand refresh for Baddies in Tech, a global organization that educates and empowers women of color in tech.
Female Health and Fertility website and branding snapshots

Lotus of fortune

How a responsive website broke barriers for women’s health

Building a company from the ground up for Female Health & Fertility, an early stage startup centered around uplifting women and non-binary voices.

Core values

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Express yourself

Don’t stick to the status quo. That’s so freaking boring! Stand out from the crowd! Everyone is one of a kind. We’re humans, not robots. Show off that wonderful personality you have!

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Aim high

Have big goals and dreams. Manifestation is your friend. Think about your purpose on this earth. Stay on the path of innovation and improvement. Invite frequent feedback from others.

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Find balance

You’re multi-dimensional. Everything must work in harmony. Become your healthiest self. Master the art of course correcting and pivoting. Establish structure with room for spontaneity.


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