Hi, I'm Bria Fauntleroy (she/her)

I’m a UX/UI Designer.

I specialized in end-to-end, user centered design for underrepresented communities. I’m passionate about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. To view my work or contact me, click the buttons below.

Check out my designs.

market street inn ui mockup
Market Street Inn
When two worlds collide and live in harmony.
Refresh Media UI Mockup
Refresh Media
A refusal to stick to the status quo.
sitzmarks business cards
A modern approach to healthcare.
Konsyl Pharmaceuticals Gummy Sample Box
Expanding your target audience.
Brand Style Guide Mockup
Female Health and Fertility
Women’s health, but make it inclusive.

My design process.

When designing a product, you must put yourself in the minds of your users. Empathy is your superpower. Start off with secondary research, such as articles, books, and videos. Next, move into primary research, such as observation, surveys, and user interviews. An optional thing to do is creating a research presentation to gather your information.
Now that you have relevant information, you can analyze and synthesize it. Craft your user personas, empathy maps, and jobs-to-be-done. Pinpoint the problems by writing “How Might We” problem statements. From there, create user journey maps.
It’s time for an old fashioned brainstorm! Generate out-of-the-box ideas by using techniques such as word association and thumbnail boxes. Remember, there’s no such thing as dumb ideas. Once you’re done brainstorming, write user stories.
Here comes one of the best parts! This is where you visualize your solutions to the problem statements. Start designing by setting up the information architecture. This includes card sorting, sitemaps or appmaps, and user flows. Next, sketch out your lo-fidelity prototypes. Then, create wireframes that turn into clickable prototypes.
Make sure that your product is solving your user’s problems. During usability testing and/or A/B testing, have your users complete certain tasks. You can also use advanced techniques like heat maps or eye tracking for extra insight. Based on the results, you may revisit other parts of the design process. Remember, the process is iterative, not linear. Once you’ve solidified your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), you can launch your product!

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Learn about me.

My name is Bria (she/her)
I’ve been in the design industry for 10+ years. I’m based in Maryland, where we’re obsessed with our flag, crabs and put Old Bay on everything. To hear more about my story or talk to me, click the buttons below.